Chase sapphire preferred credit card review What average credit score is needed for getting approval

Chase sapphire preferred credit card review – What average credit score is needed for getting approval?


Chase sapphire preferred card review is available here. If you are going to buy a credit card, but you do not know which is best credit card that fulfill your needs, then you are at right place. Today we are going to give you a review of chase sapphire credit card . Yes you are right, I am talking about Chase sapphire preferred card.  When we compare it to other rewards credit card, we found Chase sapphire credit card is best. No other credit card can beat it. By using it, you can get 2x points on dining and traveling expenses. Even you will get 1 point for per dollar spent.  As a customer of chase credit card, you can also get up to 20% discount on travel booked by chase ultimate website.


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Chase sapphire preferred credit card review


Pros – benefit:

  • You will get hight rewards rates on dining and traveling.
  • It is a part of Chase Ultimate Rewards.




– $0 Intro fees for the 1st Year, then you have to pay $95 per year.

– It is not useful those people who spend less than $5000 per year.







Chase Sapphire Preferred Card review:

Chase sapphire credit card is best for those people who like traveling because it gives two points per dollar on travelling and dining experiences.  You will get 1 point for 1 dollar spent on other purchases. When you sign up in this credit card offer, you get huge bonus. Beside this, if you manage to spend $4000 withing 3 months, then you will be entitled of $625 that can be cashed back through the Ultimate Rewards website!


I recommend-ate to use chase credit card point against traveling expense because it’s point are worth 20% more when you use it for traveling expenses.  You can ask to anyone who have used chase sapphire credit card that why you love this credit card, what is the main reason of opting for this credit card. Then you must have listened this answer that chase sapphire has Ultimate Rewards points that has no expiry. It means that you can earn credit point all over the time whatever your purchase.

Beside this this credit point can be used other loyalty programs with 1:1 ratio.


Airlines and hotels in which you can use this point are as follows:


  • British Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • United Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic




  • Hyatt Gold Passport
  • IHG
  • Marriott Rewards
  • Ritz-Carlton Reward


If you have participated in above programs, then you can take advantage of chase sapphire credit card point. You can transfer this credit point to above loyalty program as per your requirement.

In short, if you fond of traveling then Chase sapphire preferred card is made for you. You will never stick into less point or unable to get rewards point. This credit card will be hot offer for you.




What average credit score is needed for getting approval of Chase Sapphire credit card?


You need the average credit score of 736 for getting approval for chase sapphire (source : )

You can also apply if you have low credit score qual to 646, but below this score, you should abstain from apply this credit card. Otherwise, you may not get approval.




3 things to take into consideration while apply for Sapphire credit card for fast approval process:

What average credit score is needed for getting approval


  1. Equifax credit report:

It is common that whether you apply for loan or credit card, your equifax report is evaluated for getting your financial information.  If you have bad record or charged off or negative mark in this report, then you have less chance to get approval of chase sapphire credit card.



  1. To many credit card:

Yes, if you have too many credit cards, it may be one of the reasons of denying your application of credit card.

Example: one of my friends has 3 credit card of chase bank Amazon, Southwest and Freedom with total credit of $30000. He pays balances every month on time. Then he applies for chase sapphire credit card for taking advance of the sign up $500 bonus. But his credit card is not approved due to he has too many credit cards.



  1. Utilization for credit amount:

Every credit card holder should carry 30% of your available credit balance. Our visitors have reported that the person who keeps more than 30% balance may not get approval in credit card application.

Example: if you have $10000 credit limit, then you should carry $3000 or less in your credit balance.


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