how to create amazon WordPress ecommerce shopping website for earning money by amazon affiliate marketing:

Hello friends, how are you today I am going to give you all the answer to a question related to the internet that many friends have contacted. we can tell them what is the best way to make amazon affiliate ecommerce website. So friends are going to answer your all questions like How can you create your own ecommerce website by simply purchasing your domain, how to create amazon WordPress ecommerce website, how to build amazon store online, hire someone for making your amazon affiliate website, how to earn money from amazon affiliate program .



What is the ecommerce website?

It is as clear as the name. e means the meaning of electronic and commerce imposed by commerce or trade. That is, in simple words, we can keep the platform that sells and sells the product and service on the internet, in the category of e-commerce. India has a major e-commerce website in the year.


how to create amazon affiliate website?

how to create an affiliate website?

You also have to go through all the procedures to create an e-commerce website. The process that you have to go through to make a general or your blog. In short, I am telling you below.

First you have to buy your domain name. Read this post to buy the domain.




After purchasing a domain, you will have to purchase hosting. Read this post to connect domain with free hosting.




After connecting the domain to free hosting, you will have to log in to your hosting account and install WordPress. Read this post to know how to install WordPress.




If you have completed the above three steps. And now you have logged into your WordPress account. And you do not understand. What to do next to create your own ecommerce website. So we remove this dilemma. And to make you your e commerce website, recommend installing a WordPress Plugin called Woocommerce.

How do I install Woocommerce plugin for WordPress?

Friends not only WooCommerce Plugin in WordPress, but the process of installing any other plugin is extremely simple and simple. Normally, it is not enjoyable to work in WordPress without installing any plugin. And you do not need any plugins to do some work. To install the WooCommerce plugin, first you will have to look at the left side of your screen. And you will see an option named Plugins. Click on it.



Then you will see a button named Add New on the top of the page. Click on it.

After that you will see a search box.

Type Woocommerce in the search box and press the Inter button on your computer. After that you will see some such kind of picture.


Click the Install Now button in front of Woocommerce and wait for a while. After that you will see some such kind of picture.

Click the Activate Plugin button. Now you have successfully installed Woocommerce to create your E Commerce Website. Next we will tell you how you can add products to your website through Woocommerce.


Firstly, you have to click on the product provided below Woocommerce.


Then click Add Product.


Or you can take this process to Cursor on the product and also through the drop down menu.


After clicking Add product, enter the product name in the Product Name option. And about the product in the page body below it. After that a little scroll down, then you will see these kinds of options.


SKU means Stock Keeping Unit. Yanicki You have the amount of volume of that product available.Fill in this option. After that you have to pay the price of the product in second and third options. Sale Price should always be less than the regular price.


Now your product will look something like this on your website.



how to earn money from amazon affiliate website?

you can earn money from amazon affiliate website by selling products online. it is totaly free of cost. you dont have to keep stock and doing shipping. what you need to do is that you just need to sell product on your website.

you need to create amazon affiliate website ,



other option- ecommerce price compararison affiliate website:


Hello friends, how are you today I am going to give you all the answer to a question related to the internet that many friends have contacted. And we can tell them what is the best way to make them an ecommerce website. So friends are going to tell you today. How can you create your own ecommerce website by simply purchasing your domain. And at the e Commerce website   What is the Affiliate Store?




What is price comparision Affiliate Store?

a price comparison website is a website where one product price is comapare with different affilite store. Example if I want to buy samsung a7 mobile, then I can compare price of differnet affiliate store of amazon, flipkart, ebay at one place.

We are from an affiliate store such as online store. Where you are selling a product or service related to an ecommerce website or any other store. If a product or service is sold to any other online store through your Affiliate Store. So on that sale you get commission. How much will it be? It depends on the agreement between you and the online store of which you are selling the product. how to make price comparison website .

Now let me tell you how to create an Affiliate Store



To create your affiliate store, you have to select only one option in Woocommerce. As shown in the photo below.Out of the product type, you have to select External / Affiliate product option. After that, add your Affiliate Link to the option below. Then the price after that. Your Affiliate Store will look something like this.


process of making Companion Website :


To create a Product Comparison Website, you will also have to install a plugin named Woocommerce Compare Products with Woocommerce. The installation process will remain the same as in the above mentioned sentences. You have to type Woocommerce Compare Products in the Plugins Search box. Then have to install. And then this plugin has to activate. After that, move your cursor over the WC Compare below the product option.

Click on Category and Feature. Then click Add New next to Category and Features.




What is the WordPress ecommerce shopping site?

If you want to get a free e-commerce platform, you have to go through a specialist or developer, which is the only knowledge of the code, just click on your mouse and click the e-commerce shopping website.

Shopify is a self-hosted e-commerce platform where you can create your online store.You can store your own WordPress content here.Your Shopify is self-hosting where you can store your data.

Shopify allows you to use a 14-day trail pack, which can test and test features.Pricing me too is low-cost, just $ 9 / month (Rs.700 approx).

You can set your online store by purchasing Shopify from WordPress, or you can still set up payment options and shipping options.For more information about the online shopping store, this feature is available.So Let’s Start with Shopify :

Please visit on all your pages and sign up.You can select 14-days of trail pack and can test.Choose trail pack and enter email, password and store name.

Next page will be sent to your address and other details.

To create an account, you have to shopify from the shop, but we have to work with the full shopify plugins from the WordPress.

Please login to your WordPress Dashboard and plugins »Click here to install the shopify plugin and install it.This is the official plugin that lets you create your own online store.

To install and activate the plug-in, click the dashboard menu option in Shopify.

If you click on Shopify »Setting it to the right, then enter the first name that you want to create, and then click on Connect.

Click on the Connect button to connect to your plug-in account and show it to your shop shop panel.Yaha first add product add product, second payment gateway set karenge and last shipping setup karenge.

Add products to your product based products.Click on the Add product, enter the title, description, and image of your product.(See image above)

Left side product type, brand and tagsYou can also add pricing details to this page.Click on the Add Product to save the details.



Is it possible to add other products to yours?

Click on the Shopify panel to add products and click on Setup Payments.You can set up Paypal, Credit card and other payment option.Please enter your Paypal email and you can set your paypal payment.Choose from the payment gateway to get a credit card payment.

You can select your manual payment option from COD and bank deposit option.Please save the payment.

Shipping details are shipping from me shipping, and you can add shipping details and shipping details, and you can add shipping details.

You can set up shipping costs, you can set shipping costs on the domestic level.

HumneShopify has a basic set of products that adds products, including payment setup and shipping details.

Add products in Your WordPress site

If you have any questions, please post it on your WordPress site.

If you open a new post, you can add it to the add-on product, then click on it.

Now you have to add a new product to your product.Just click on the “Select Product” option.

Select the product you want to add to the product image by clicking on Buy Now, select the product image, price and button.

it will now show Buy Now button and manually upload the product images to Buy Now.

You can now see your product for the preview, now you can publish your product.Click publish button and done.

Aapwordpress can also show me the product in the side bar.Just click Appearance »customize» select sidebarClick on Shopify to add a widget to the Ab + add.Click here to select the product and click here.


Sidebar is going to show you some of your products.Latest deals or new arrival products can be added.00


How To Create An Amazon Affiliate ID Account And How To Make Money

How To Create An Amazon Affiliate ID Account And How To Make Money

Although We Have Already Told Many Ways To Earn Money From The Internet, But Affiliate Marketing Is The Best And Easiest Way For You To Earn Money From Any Kind Of Website Without Having Any Information Here. Only For This And You Only Need Internet And Time If You Have Internet And Time, You Can Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing. For This, You Only Need Affiliate Pro Make Your Account Above The Village Website. And Their Products Have To Be Sold In Today’s Post We Are About To Talk About Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Program Works Just Like Other Affiliate Programs, You Have To Get Product Sales From Amazon Website And You Are Commissioned On Those Products. The Commission Rate Varies In Each Product And Category, And Some Are Also The Conditions Under Which You Get Commission. On A Product You Get A Commission Of Up To 10%, You Get A Commission Of Up To 4% On Some, Below You Have Been Given Full Information From Starting The Amazon Affiliate Account To Earning Money.



Create Account On Amazon

In Order To Create An Account For The Amazon Applet Program, You Will Need Some Simple Things Like You Have Someone On Facebook Or There Should Be No YouTube Channel Or Any Other Website If You Do Not Have Any Of These Three Create A Free Website Can Add Their Affiliate Accounts If You Down Went The Full Details Of Creating Step By Step Affiliate Account Video To See Affiliate Akoun If You Want To See That You Went Also A Video Below You Can Easily Create Affiliate Account.

First go to Amazon Affiliate ‘s website. Click on Join For Free . Now click on “Create your Amazon account” if you come to the login page. Click “Create your Amazon account” by entering your name, your email id and password.

Now You Will Get A Call In Which You Have To Give Your Information.

  • Payee Name – Fill Your Name Here Which Is Your Name In The Bank
  • Address Line – Then Fill In Your Full Address
  • City – Then Fill In The Name Of Your City
  • State, Province Or Region – Then Fill In The Name Of Every State
  • Postal Code – And Then Fill In Your Postal Code
  • Phone Number – And Then Fill In Your Phone Number And Then Click Next

You Will Be Asked Your Website As Soon As You Click Next, You Have To Give Your Website Name Here. If You Do Not Have A Website. So You Can Name Your Facebook Page. And If You Do Not Have A Facebook Page Then You Can Link To Your YouTube Channel. If You Do Not Have A YouTube Channel, Then Create A Free Website And Click On Its Link Here And Click On Next.

Now You Will Come Back To A Form Where You Have To Tell About Your Website, But There You First Need To Fill Up Your Associates ID .

Note: – You Can Write Anything On The Associates ID, It Will Be Like Your USERNAME Or Any Special ID Like Your Name Is MadanVerma So You Can Just Write Madan As Well.

Traffic & Monetization

How Do You Drive Traffic To Your Website (S)? : – Here’s How To Tell You How To Visit Your Website, Then Fill It With Your Calculations Like BLOG, Social Networks, SEO And Other.
How Do You Use Your Websites And Apps To Generate Income ? Here’s How To Tell You How You Are Running Before Your Website. Here You Can Select The Google Adsense Option.
How Do You Usually Build Links ? Here’s How To Tell You How To Link To Your Website, Here You Can Select HTML Editor.
How Many Total Unique Visitors Do Your Websites And Apps Get Per Month? : – Where To Tell You How Many Ministries Are Coming Every Month On Your Website, You Can Also Fill In Your Calculations According To 5001 To 50000.
What Is Your Primary Reason For Joining The Amazon Associates Program?: – Here’s To Tell You Why You Want To Join Amazon Affiliates Here, You Can Tell That “Useful Content For My Site”
How Did You Hear About Us? : – Here You Have To Know How You Know About Amazon Affiliates.
You Can Select “Blog Post “.

After This, Fill In The Captcha Given There And Select Their Term And Condition And Click Finish. Click On Finnish You Will Become A Real Estate Account Now Your Real Account Is Ready To Earn Money. Now You Just Have To Sell The Product Of Amazon Website And You Will Get Commission Of That Product.

How To Create A Product Affiliate Link

To Get Affiliate Link Of Any Product You Have To Login To The Amazon Website And Open The Product You Want To Send And You Will Get 3 Options As Soon As You Open.

  • Text – You Will Get A Short Link After Clicking On Tax. This Link Is Your Affiliate Link, But If You Send This Link Through Somebody’s WhatsApp Or YouTube Videos And If You Have Purchased The Product From This Link Then You Will Get A Commission. Make WhatsApp To Send To Friends On Facebook.
  • Image – If You Have A Website Then You Will Have To Use This Option As Soon As You Click On It, You Will Get A Code. If You Apply This Code To Your Website, Then The Product Will Be Photographed And Click On This Photo From The Amazon Website. If You Buy This Product You Will Get A Commission.
  • Text Image – This Option Is Also Used For The Website. Also, When You Click On It To Link To The App, Then You Get A Code That You Put In Your Website And Then When Someone Clicks On That Photo, The Amazon Website If You Buy This Product, You Will Get A Commission.

How To Increase Affiliate Earning

If You Want To Increase Your Affiliate Earning, Then There Is Only One Way To Get You The Maximum Number Of Products Sold. The More Products You Earn, The More Earnings You Have, And Try To Get The Product That You Get More Commission. As We Get Commission Of 10% On Food Supplements, You Will Get As Much Food Supplements As You Would. The More You Earn, Follow The Tips Below To Get More Product Sales.


Share On Social Media

Create Your Affiliate Link From The Amazon Website And Share It With Your Social Media Account If You Have More Friends In Your Friend List Or If You Have A Facebook Page, Then When You Share Affiliate Gender, Your Friend Will Be There With This Link And Amazon The Product Will Go To The Website And If The Product Is A Friend Of Yours, Then It Will Definitely Buy That Product And Thus Your Running Will Increase Gee.

If Your Friend Looks At That Product From Your Affiliate Link But Purchases Another Product, You Will Get A Commission Even If You Suppose Apple IPhone Has Shared The Link And Your Friend Watches Apple IPhone But Samsung Takes It Even Then You Will Get A Commission.

In The Same Way, You Can Tell The Product In YouTube About The Product In The Video, If You Are Talking About A Product, Then You Have To Get The Full Information About That Product And Get Any Poor Product Do Not Try

Write Blog

If You Have A Website Then You Can Earn Better Money From Affiliate Marketing. Write A Post About Any Product On Your Website Such As A Post About The IPhone, Then Tell It All Its Special Things. Tell All His Shortcomings So That People Will Be Able To Buy That Phone. If Your Poster Liked Your Visitor, Then He Would Definitely Buy That Product From Your Affiliate Link. In This Way, You Can Tell About Different Products On Your Website, Can Increase Earning For.



How to earn even more money from the Amazon Affiliate Program

  • You should use woozone plugin for adding  products at your affiliate website. becuase woozone creates  30 days cookies for every buyer at amazon store. in this way, you can earn extra money from amazon affiliate program.
  • share your true review to your vigitors of website. so that they can get benefit while deciding about whethere to buy or not about the products.
  • write article for other amazon store. in this way, you can earn extra income.


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