How to make price comparison ecommerce WordPress website for affiliate marketing eBay amazon store best fivver gig

How to make price comparison ecommerce WordPress website for affiliate marketing eBay amazon store – 1 best fivver gig:

if you are thing about how to make price comparison website in wordpress, what is best way to make price comparison website with low investment., then you are at right place. here wer are going to discuss about best way to make price comparison affiliate eCommerce website with low investment.

price comparison ecommerce WordPress website is very easy to make. What you need to make a profitable price comparison ecommerce WordPress website is as follow: 

1. price comparison ecommerce WordPress website theme

2. Content egg plugin for compare price and live up late of price.

3. Basic knowledge of HTML and I query for configuring amazon and eBay associate tracking I’d. So that you can get commission whatever you sale on your price comparison ecommence WordPress website.

How can I earn money by a affiliate marketing ?

You can make money by saling  product of affiliate website like , etc.

Firstly you have to sign up in these affiliate network, then you will get a link or tracking I’d that is used for verifying your sale. You will get commission on every sale that is sold by your affiliate link or tracking I’d.

The commission amount is vary 5% to 30%.

Example: if you have sold a apple 7 mobile your affiliate link, then you will get 10% of sale amount. Imagine apple 7 price is $500, then you will earn $50 as commission.

Suppose you sold only 1 product everyday, then your monthly earning will be $50x 30 days = $1500.

What you need to start saving of products of affiliate markets.

You need 3 thing:

– a laptop.

– an internet connection.

– a affiliate price comparison ecommence website.

How to choose profitable niche for price comparison ecommerce WordPress website:

It is one of the difficult task to choose best profitable niche for your price comparison ecommerce WordPress website. There are very much completion in the market that make it a difficult decision for every affiliate marketer.

If you don’t have knowledge about how to make an ecommerce WordPress website, then you can hire someone To make your price comparison ecommerce WordPress website.


You can also hire some on fivver to make your best ecommerce blog as per your requirement. it is best gigs on fiverr for making price comparison ecommerce website .


how to make price comparison ecommerce wordpress website



We recommend pkexpert web developer team. They are professional with more than 5 years of experience in making ecommerce price comparison website.

What is benefit of making order with pk expert team on fivver.

– provide  best free WordPress ecommerce theme: tjerr are 4 option to choose a  primium theme like REhub, compare price, Newsmag, price comparison theme.

2. Free primium plugin: you will get free plugin of worth more than $150. These premium plugin includes plugin as follows:

1. Content egg plugin for creating price comparison table:

2. Slider








How should one choose best niche for doing affiliate marketing?

It is one of the difficult task to choose best niche for affiliate marketing. As far as I know, best niche is one that has less competition and more search volume. In today’s time, it becomes very difficult to choose best niche due to very much competition in the market.

For selecting best niche for your affiliate eccomerce website, you can take help of some tools like AdWords, shemrush  and long tail pro keywords tools.

Google adwords:
It is very easy to analyse keywords with the help of google AdWords tools. You just have to put some text and select the geographic location. Then, hit the search, it will show group of keywords related to your text with volume of search. It is a free tools that can be used anyone in the world.

It is one of the biggest tools for analysing the keywords. Here, you can search 10 keywords free of cost at daily. But, if you have more demand and want to access beyond those 10 searches, then you have to buy monthly subscription of semrush premium account. There are lots of analytics tools in semrush like you can compare 2 domain backlink, you can check your domain’s article ranking with the help of this tools. Even, you can check keywords of your competitor website.

Long tail pro:
It is one of the favourite of affiliate marketer. Because provide most profitable and easy to rank keywords. You just put text into the search bar of long tail pro tools. Then you will get most profitable and long keywords. These are keywords that are make of 3 or 4 words. Due to long 3 or more words, it has less competition. this is the same reason why this long keywords rank easily at Google.  Long tail pro is a paid tools.

How to set up affiliate link for amazon and eBay.

First of all, you have to register with amazon and eBay affiliate website. For setting up amazon and eBay affiliate link, you have two option.

1. You can manually copy paste affiliate link of product on your ecommerce website. It is easy buy time consuming process. It is easy if you have limited products. But if you want to post products at large level, then should for automatic product insertion.

2. Automatic product posting :
Firstly , I would like to say that it is not 100% automatic product insertion. I mean that here, 80% work is automatic and 20 % percent work is manual.

Manual work includes adding product image, selecting categories and copy past product n
Name for searching product of all stores ( amazon  ebay, wallmart etc) in one way.

What should one keep in mind while earning from affiliate marketing ?

There are so many thinks that you should keep in mind while working with affliate marketing like eBay and otherwise, they may be chances of banking of your affiliate account and all the earning g will lapse. You will get nothing for all of your hard work. Now we are going to discuss all the points that one should keep on mind while working with affiliate marketing.

1. Pages: your website must have some important pages like home, about us, term and condition , privacy policy and disclaimer etc. It is necessary to have this pages. Otherwise , you affiliate account may be in danger and banned.

Automatic price update: if you have a niche specific amazon or eBay affiliate websites, and price of your products are not uploading automatically, then your account may be banned. It is requirement of many affiliate network that price of every product of affiliate markerters website should be updated automatically.

How should one write so optimized article for price comparison ecommerce WordPress website?

There are two method to bring visitors at your ecommerce website. 1. Seo optimised article 2. Advertisement. One of the easiest method to bring high converting visitors is to write so optimized article.  As far as I know advertisement is easiest way to brink traffic at your e-store. But, you have to pay money for running advertisement.

Exanple: Google AdWords is a advertisement tools. It can bring traffic to your price comparison ecommerce website. Buy you have to pay money as bid CPC amount for running advertisement on google AdWords.  Your website will show top at without doing seo and other things.

Now , the answer of how to write so optimised product description article. I am putting all my experience while giving tips about seo optimised paragraph. You should keep in mind these top 6 point while writing seo optimed article.

– write keywords in title and URL of product post.

– put keywords in H1 (heading one) and make it bold and ilatic.

– try to write keywords in fist and last paragraph of article.

– there should be an internal link either first paragraph or last paragraph of articles.

– there should be keyword as ALT tag in images.

– write good and attractive product description and title heading in product markup.  Product market is a preview that shows at google when someone search at google search box about your product.

What is backlink? How should one get backlink for price comparison ecommerce WordPress website.

How to drive traffic into your WordPress ecommerce website?

As, we have discussed about it before in previous question. There are 2 ways to bring traffic on your ecommerce website. 1. Seo optimised article and 2. advertisement.

1.Seo- seo is very effective way to brink targeted traffic at your website. Because the buyer or visitors search their requirement and come on your product page. It mean there is high chances to convert that visitors into buyer.

2.advertisement: as we have discusses before hand,  you have to pay to running of advertising for your eccomerce website. As far as I know, it is useful in completion market where you know your website cannot rank at Google. Then, advertisement is the optimal solution of your problem. The only tips for running ads on your website is to calculating right ROI. If you are manage to get good ROI, then you carry on advertisement, otherwise live it. Not getting enough ROI will result into losses.




There are so many adverting company on internet like google adverd, yahoo bing etc.  You should take one or many as per your requirement. In my opinion, google AdWords is number one advertising company in the world. You should go for it. Do you know that google AdWord offers many.

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