what documents do you need to open a chase bank account?

what documents do you need to open a chase bank account?


there are so many things that you need to keep in mind when you are opening  JPMorgan chase bank account. there are some kind of doubt in readers that i why i have created this guide for you. this guide is helpful for all those people who is new to internet banking.

if you have already chase bank routing number and want to transfer some money to other bank account, you need routing number of chase bank for wire transfer of money.



what documents do you need to carry:

– Residential Proof.

–  Driving Licence or passport etc. ( offical identification)

– some deposit money.

– social security cards.



there are two kind of account that you can open with chase bank:

1.checking account: it is a bank account where you can easy access your daily transaction, able to purchase any product and deposit cash or check to local ATM.



what is the process for opening checking bank account number in chase bank?

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  • bring the you code to nearest chase bank branch.
  • you can ask for you banker for opening checking account and saving account.
  • you have to upload your id proof as per requirement of banker. this document may be driving licence, id card etc.
  • now, it is time for reviewing your bank account with banker.
  • you have to pay initial deposit for earning the extra point.
  • then, banker will give you temporary debit card and check books. the permanent debit card and check book will reached at you door withing in 10 days.





2. Saving Account: it is bank account where you fund can be accumulated. it is secure way to save money and interest rate can be accumulated on daily or monthly basis.

the process of opening chase saving account is same as above. the only difference is that you have to check bank premium plush checking account.


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now it is time to conclude what we have said in this post. firstly you have to identify your need. what kind of chase bank account you are looking for. ? what will will you initial amount deposit? etc.

it is very important thing to open bank account at least 6 month for getting bonus offer of chase bank. you will be consider a new customer, if you do not have account withing last 90 days. for online wire transfer of money, you can use chase routing number on our other post. if you like this post, then please share it as much as possible.